Monday 2 November 2009

TUAN GURU NIK AZIZ - bukan mahataik ..

PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat has maintained that the Islamist party should remain with Pakatan Rakyat (PR), while renewing his disdain for Umno over the Perak imbroglio.
The frail but fiery leader also gave his blessings on the 10 resolutions passed during yesterday’s inaugural PR convention, held here at the Syuen Hotel.
He told a congregation of some 600 delegates from the loose coalition’s three parties — PAS, DAP and PKR — to accept and adopt the resolutions, which mainly stressed on strengthening the newborn alliance.
He rejected the practice of corruption and money politics amongst the Barisan Nasional parties — singling out Umno in particular — and indicated that the PR, with its resounding pledge to weed out corruption, was the better alternative.
“We should sanction these resolutions and we will receive our reward. We are not on this earth to receive money but ‘pahala’ (reward) because money is materialism,” he said.
He added that in death, only the physical body of a person dies while the soul remains.
“As Muslims, whether we are Malay Muslims or Chinese Muslims or any other, we must protect our souls. We feed our bodies rice but it must be ‘halal’ — the rice is for the body while the ‘halal’ is for the soul,” he said, adding that anything bought with “haram” money would make the item “haram” as well.Nik Aziz also explained that in the world belonging to Allah, no two people were the same, whether in physique or beliefs and values.
“I have 10 children and 52 grandchildren, and none of them are the same. After all, if all women and men looked the same, then we would never be able to tell which ones are our wives,” he joked.
As such, Nik Aziz said the differences of opinions and misunderstandings within the PR alliance was normal, for each party and each individual had their own uniqueness.
He called Umno stupid for getting angry with PAS and DAP over the issue of non-Muslims quoting verses from the Quran.
“The verses in the sacred Quran contain the basics of creating unity amongst mankind. Umno is stupid for getting angry just because a non-Muslim is trying to understand the Quran,” he said.He said the birth of the PR alliance, and programmes like yesterday’s convention, were methods of creating such unity amongst mankind.
“In life, there is a method for everything. When we cook certain dishes, the method lies in the recipe — we cannot use the same ingredient for every dish,” he said.
At a ceramah in Chemor near here later last night, the Kelantan mentri besar continued to lambast Umno for its practices.
He said the Malay-centric party rejected true Islam and instead, practiced a “cacat” or handicapped version of the religion.
“When Islam is ‘cacat’, then Allah is made ‘cacat’, too,” he said to the crowd of over a thousand, who had gathered despite the endless drizzle to listen in rapt attention to the soft-spoken PAS leader.Nik Aziz also chastised Umno for its illegal power grab in Perak, and shook his head at how they had stolen away what was not rightfully given to them.
“They can go as far as to enter the state legislative assembly to drag the Speaker from his seat and then later take his robe too,” he said.
He said the post of mentri besar was one that was given to an individual by the people, which was made possible through the choices given to mankind by Allah Himself.
“How smart, this Umno, to simply steal away the people of Perak as their own,” he said, in sarcasm.
The three parties are to formalise the alliance next month in a national convention under a Common Policy Framework (CPF) being undertaken by a team led by Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.
All three parties had a similar coalition in the 1999 general elections called the Barisan Alternatif but it broke down two years later when PAS insisted on its Islamic state idea, leading DAP to break away from the partnership.

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